Denise is a very special person. It is an honour to have been involved in her care. I hope Denise’s journey will bring comfort and guidance to other women experiencing the fight against cancer.

Geoff Otton, Gynaecologic Oncologist

Denise’s book is not just a personal story of what happened to her after her cancer diagnosis but also a guide to raise women’s awareness of gynaecological cancers and promote participation in national screening programs. Denise used her studies of psychology to set up her own personal physical and mental strategies to get through those difficult months of surgery and chemotherapy and radiography treatments. She has included information on those strategies and the methods she adopted – on tough days they were tiny steps, on good days they were milestones. My response to Denise’s manuscript was immediate as I recognised its benefit to other cancer patients – I’m delighted to see it has been published. Well done, Denise.

Glenda Downing, editor

This book is a remarkable account of one cancer sufferer's fight to beat the odds and survive a rare and aggressive cancer. It will resonate with cancer patients, in particular those with gynaecological and bowel cancers, as it outlines useful strategies, both physical and psychological, to get through each day of treatment, and then to negotiate the difficult transition to long term survivorship. A must read for cancer sufferers and their carers. It also has a section on raising awareness of the various gynaecological cancers.

Sal (review on Goodreads)

I'm sure a lot of women out there who are going through treatment will be very inspired by your book - well done!


Thank you for publishing such a candid story of your cancer survival! Each chapter resonates with my current situation and my mental state.Last radiation treatment today! It is so good to know that survival is possible.


The memoir provides an open and honest account of Denise's personal struggle to beat this insidious disease.You'll be moved and inspired by Denise's story.

Manning River Times

Very inspirational and positive story. Raising awareness of the risk factors and symptoms associated with gynaecological cancers made women think about their health.

Sonya from the Belair Ladies View Club in response to my talk

I found your book quite hard to put down!...I thought it was incredibly insightful...

Jenny Marchant, 1233 ABC Presenter/Broadcast Journalist

A man who refuses to have bowel checks has decided to have them in the future after hearing your talk... A women is going to follow-up with her doctor as she has one of the symptoms from your list

Joan, Librarian at Singleton Library, feedback about my talk

Your talk was just wonderful, from the heart & just so much information that we all need to hear

Helen, Taree Library talk audience member